Saturday, August 2, 2008

Training on 2 Aug 2008

Ho... 2day had my first experience of being a marshall. There's nothing to it, just stood there keeping watch. Can't expect much from marshalling a casual recreational game...

Anyway, i'm still way behind the others. I had no kills and plenty of deaths. My list of hits includes a forehead shot, a thigh shot, wrist shot, chest shot, a back shot... This is by far the most shots i ever received in a paintball session, thanks to more and more e-marker's arrival.

Later in the afternoon did some snap shooting. Man i tell you, this really is a demanding sport. Did 50 shots on each hand and my thighs and back are already killing me!! Lean out, lean in, lean out, lean in, lean out, lean in....

The last part in the late evening was the most fun, albeit wasting paint and being already so tired - laning the other team while they do the breakout. Woo!! i tell you, they really got covered in paint!! Now i know why they say the first 15 seconds of the game is the most important.

I guess i should list down my mistakes and things i learned from this session, as a reminder.
  • Always steer clear of tunnel vision, it's already too late when you realized it.
  • Play tight, hug the bunker. Minimum exposure means minimum danger. And watch the marker, the mighty hopper can be an easy target.
  • Always keep marker in shooting position.
  • Don't overshoot or run straight into a bunker!! That's an idiot's job!!
  • Do the unexpected!! Predictable people get shot.
  • Seize the chance. The window for making a move is only so small, so don't hesitate!!

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