Sunday, January 25, 2009

24th January

Played a few games with the new inti guys and the regulars. All those snap shooting drills have paid off, my snapshooting is getting better. I've noticed i can do it with more ease and speed. There is, however, still one thing to correct - my stance was sometimes outside of the 'magic line' (To understand what the 'magic line' is, go watch Max's OneWithTheGun DVD). Another thing was the paint we were using was so bad, the dents on the balls made them curve left and right...swt. Banana ball is good for football but bad for paintball.

Business was also better than usual. In the morning alone there were 3 groups playing - one angmo group, one chinese teenage group, and us. There was one super move by one of the chinese. We were using My-NPL 2009 Event1 Field2. That guy ran up from the baby spike to the 50 spike, run around the 50 spike like how you would drive around a roundabout, and then ran back into the baby spike where we came from, without being shot!! OMG, that was so funny...

The field is now closed for the CNY holidays, there'll be no more pb this Sunday. We then emptied all bunkers of air and everything is flat... totally flat.

Oh, and one more thing... we got belanja-ed Seoul Garden!! Woohoo!!


Notes to self:
  • stay inside the 'magic line'
  • be careful of gaps between and under the bunkers, where opponents might see you
  • again, anticipate the opponent's next move, know their intentions! Be proactive instead of being reactive and stay there doing nothing!

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