Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eat your food!!

"Come on people... Appreciate your food!!"

Went for dinner with family at the Fettes Park Cafe, the famous western food place next to the famous chicken rice place.

The food was ok, boleh tahan (that's not the point of this post), but the thing that i tak boleh tahan is the table behind us. Look at their food!!

So much leftovers!! OMG!! They practically ordered a dish, then just ate the meat and left everything else untouched!! Don't they know the meaning of WASTE!?!?! If a homeless man would live off the leftovers, he would even get fat in no time. In fact, he'd become so fat that he'll be unable to fit through the entrance of the cafe!!

For comparison, look at our table.

Squeaky clean!!

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