Wednesday, December 3, 2008

NPPL is history?

Is this true? Is this news creditable? Just saw this paintball blog online that says the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) is now no more...

Pacific Paintball LLC, the company who owns NPPL, has filed for bankruptcy. Seems hard to believe, one of the biggest paintball event in the world is no longer running. I've checked around on the internet and found this on the PB2X website:

"By now you probably have heard that Pacific Paintball and its subsidiaries will be filing proceedings under the United States Bankruptcy Code to effect a liquidation of their respective assets and business operations. This includes our magazine, the NPPL, and all of Pacific Paintball’s other companies."

PB2X is a subsidiary of Pacific Paintball LLC, so information from their website should be creditable.

The NPPL has always been a major paintball event in every paintballer's calender, something to look forward to. Everyone in the paintball community will undoubtedly feel the lost, from professional players to casual players, from speedballers to woodsballers. What a pity....

Hopefully this will be something temporary. Hopefully someone else will come along and carry on Pacific Paintball LLC's legacy.

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