Thursday, December 4, 2008

A day at the paintball field

Today must be the longest day at the field for me.

I was asked to take care of the field in the afternoon because everyone else is busy. I have no choice but to find someone else to replace me in my other job (thanks Charis...), but my replacement can't cover my whole shift so i still have to go punch in for one hour. And then later they told me there were 20 people coming to play. 20!!! and i have to handle them all by myself!! OMG...

So again, i have no choice but to go to the field at 10am, get ready all the markers, fill up the tanks, and then drive all the way back to QB just to work for one hour, and then drive all the way to the field again.

Apparently, the group was from the AirForce (that's what i was told), and were having their own mini tournament. They were divided into 4 groups competing against each other. This was perhaps the most tiring marshalling i've ever done, there were no rest time in between matches! The players were playing as 4 groups, so they have plenty of time to rest when another group was playing, but i have to be involved in every single match. And they keep taking off their masks mid-game, had to shout at them to put them back on, but then they would look at me with their gong gong 'what's-the-matter' expression... Haiz, you thought these military people would be more diciplined, but they never paid attention when i briefed them on paintball safety...

After that another group came. This time it was the regulars, so i don't have to do much marshalling, just leave them to their games... relax relax a bit.

Finally when they all went back, and picking up everything by myself, it was already 8:30pm. Was starving like crazy, only get to have dinner at 9pm.

Don't be surprised to see me become so dark when the new sem starts...

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