Friday, May 29, 2009

Impulse 2009 pics

"And the beat goes on..."

Pics of the new Impulse 2009 are out!! Take a look...

The marker looks super!! Kinda like a cross between an Ego and a Luxe, it sure is a far-cry from what the old Impulse looks like...

Here are the specs, taken from PBNation.
  • Pressure balanced poppet valve allowing 1700 to 1800 shots from a 4500 psi 68ci system
  • Dual regulation allowing extremely low bolt force and eliminating kick
  • Air buffered firing piston shoots smoother with less vibration
  • Ultra-compact in-grip regulators reduce forward weight for improved balance
  • Hose-free design eliminating common leak points
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery powering the Impulse through approximately 100,000 shots per charge
  • Hinged Vision eye covers open without tools for cleaning and aren't easily lost because they stay attached to the marker
  • Volume chamber fore-grip eliminates shoot-down
  • Modular body design allowing for fast repairs and mix-and-match color styling
  • Freak compatible barrel system accepts bore inserts for changing paint sizes
  • Trigger based programming with modes for all major leagues and scenario use
  • Q-Lock feedneck quickly clamps and adjusts to all high performance hoppers
The fore-grip is not a regulator but actually a gas reservoir that provides constant air supply to the valve, making it more consistent. The marker has two regulators, both housed inside the grip frame. With an operating pressure of just 50psi, the Impulse is designed to be really gentle on paint with minimum kick.

The lithium polymer battery used is said to be able to last 100000 shots, which is significantly higher than the 25000-shot Luxe. Similar to the Luxe, the eye-covers are tool-less. But instead of removing the whole cover to gain access to the eyes, the Impulse's eye-cover swings open like a door without actually separating itself from the marker, making it impossible to lose them.

From the pictures, the trigger looks similar to Luxe's. I've shot the Luxe before and they felt great, trigger-walking is super fast. If the trigger is indeed the same one, then shooting the Impulse will certainly be as nice as it looks.

With a price tag of around US$1000, the new Impulse will be more affordable than other high-end markers such as the DM9 (US$1350), the Ego9 (US$1250), the Luxe (US$1500) and the Marq Victory (US$1175).

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