Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Dye knee pads

Hohoho... Finally I got new knee pads liao!! Dye Core 2009 knee pads!!

Compared to my previous NXe knee pads, which I bought out of desperation cause my knees were hurting, the Dye C9 are far better. My NXe pads are now up for sale here, going cheap...

The 2009 version is more comfortable than 2008's, and according to various internet sources, they stay in place better thanks to the redesigned elastic strap. One thing that i noticed about the 2008 version is the quick wear and tear, especially the rubbery part on top and below the pads. The 2009 version do not have this rubbery thing, so I think they should last longer. Silicon strips - similar to those on mask straps - are used instead to keep the pads from sliding up and down your knee.

In my experience of owning Dye's soft goods, they tend to come with some bad stitching. Both my Dye pants and elbow pads need some reinforcement stitching as they came undone very fast. The same goes with my knee pads, even though I've only used them once.

Some of the stitching I've done:

Sliding with the pads felt great, I hardly felt a thing when hitting the ground. And you know what, the pads actually helps a little in getting up from a kneeling position, they act like springs pushing your knees up! Besides protection, you'll also get plenty of bounces. I got hit on the knees and none of them broke.

From pictures online and the Dye 2009 catalogue, the C9 knee pads seems to have padding on the knee cap only. Actually they come with padding on the sides also, a very nice feature...

1 - Heavy padding
2 - Medium padding
3 - Light padding

Now i can do some crazy slides and dives like there's no tomorrow, hahahaha!!!

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