Thursday, May 14, 2009

Limited Edition Mikko Huttenen DM9 and PM8

Just saw this on UK Paintball Review, the new limited edition Mikko Huttenen DM9 and PM8.

According to the site, there will be 15 limited edition DM9’s and 4 of each PM8.

The DM9 features are as follows:
  • Titanium .690 Barrel Back
  • Custom milled body with 2 toned anodizing.
  • Machined Mikko signature on side
  • Ironmen trigger
  • Mikko USB OLED TADAO board and Mikko grip panels
  • Billy Wing (Ironmen edition) Bolt
  • Priced at $1650

The PM8 features are as follows:
  • Dye UL Barrel
  • Dye clamping feed neck
  • DYE Hyper3 regulator
  • 4 Colours (Silver, Blue, Yellow/gold and Black)
  • Tadao Mikko OLED board and grips
  • Price to be announced

The most significant difference from regular DM9's would be the Tadao Mikko Huttenen OLED USB board. The board comes with 10 firing modes!
  • Unlimited semi-auto
  • Adjustable semi-auto
  • PSP ramping
  • PSP 3-shot burst
  • NXL full-auto
  • Millennium ramping
  • Custom ramping
  • Auto-response
  • 3-shot burst
  • Full-auto
Another amazing feature is the Tadao grip panel, which comes with a sealing gasket. How it works is the foam-like gasket is sandwiched between the grip frame and the grip panel, sealing off any gaps that might allow dust or water to seep through. No more worrying about playing in the mud, nice...


Oizat said...

the board.. can fit to pmrse?

gasjatt said...

They can only fit PMRs with UL frame.

If you want to use it on the stock PMR grip frame, you'll have to go for the older Musashi7 board.

This is from my understanding only, i may be wrong. For more info check out their website -