Monday, September 22, 2008

20th Sept

I have one thing to say about paintball training, everyone was not fully utilizing the time!

Last time with the archery squad, everyone arrives on time, immediately sets up equipment after arrival, after 15 mins will start to do stretching exercise together and then start to shoot. For paintball, some arrive at 9am, some at 10am, some at 11am, some at 12pm, swt... And those that arrive early would sit there blabbering until noon, then only start putting on their gear, swt again... Every time i would arrive on time, get ready, and then sit there waiting for them... I felt so UNPRODUCTIVE!!!

Ok, enough of the complaining. Got a new feedneck for my marker. Now the hopper is sitting lower and less of a target. The feedneck is a bit big though, have to really crank it down to get a good grip on the hopper.

We are starting to do various drills other than just snap shoot and play games. But other than that, training was like usual, i'm still having trouble with field awareness. One time in the game i ran out of pellets, was pretty much a sitting duck. There's not much i can do and i thought to myself, lets see how far down the field i can go. So i just ran down the field and see how fast i can get into a bunker without getting shot. Bad move, got shot instantly and had a big welt on my chest...

Notes to self :
  • Check if you have enough pods on the field. Being a sitting duck is not helping the team.
  • Playing front is not all about rushing forward. There are times to push, and times to hold back.
  • Never fill hopper to the brim. Paint will easily break inside hopper.
  • Shoot cross, better chance of eliminating someone.
  • Communication is not about shouting only, it involves listening too!!
  • Don't luan luan shoot... AIM!!

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