Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm in Second Year!!!

It's been a year since i first walked into Inti, 1/3 of my college life is over (that is if i don't take M.Eng). From my first sem, my class went from 7 person, to 12 person, and now there's 38!! Too crowded la. Don't want to be the photostat guy anymore, or later it will be like carrying dumbbells to class. Lets hope they will drop out one by one, until the total headcount becomes less than 20... what an evil thought <insert evil laugh here>

This sem only has two subjects, and 4 days of class per week. Is this good? The time table has a lot of empty slots, and there's no classed on Tues. But they say the subjects in short sems are a lot tougher. Guess will just have to wait to find out.

There's some bad news and good news for the new sem. First the bad. Exam coincides with My-NPL (Malaysian National Paintball League). My very first tournament and it has to be in the exam week.... bummer. Guess will have to call it off. But the good news is that since tournament most probably will be called off, training times have been reduced, this means less spending on paint. Whew, maybe now can stop working my ass off and relax a bit. FYI, the previous training schedule really set me back financially, where i have to restrict myself to spend only around RM50 for the two whole months of Sept and Oct!!

Time to start preparing for next year's season, and there will be no more Div4.
Div3, here we come!!

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