Sunday, September 28, 2008


"The things people do for money..."

The time now is 1:21am, and i just got home from work. Yes you read that right, 1:21am not 1:21pm. Sunshine's greedy boss did a sale until 12 midnight, and as if they're not earning enough, they decided on that day to extend business hours to 12:30am... So desperate for money meh? Opened from 10am till midnight still not enough!?!? Siao Lang.

I worked from 10am till 12:30am today, a marathon of 14 and a half hours. Try standing for that long while coping with the weekend crowd and see how you feel. Even more, i have to start work the next day at 10am!!

Bo huat, have to be hard working liao, abo cannot afford to play paintball (now you all know how serious i am in paintballing...).

Lets hope i can get them to increase my pay...

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