Sunday, September 28, 2008

DyeProto Sneak Peek

DyeProto just released a sneak peak to their latest goodies, the SLG Ultralite and the Invision 4 mask.

Proto SLG UL

DyeProto has a tradition of releasing ultralite frames as upgrades for their markers. Previously the UL frame comes with just the grip frame, but for the SLG it looks like the UL frame includes the whole body as well.

Unlike the other markers, the SLG has an unusually large solenoid to operate the sear tripper, and to be able to make the signature hour-glass shaped grip, some makeover of the internals are needed. IMHO, this is the reason the SLG Ultralite comes with the whole body. I'm thinking they redesign the internals, completely different from the original SLG.

Some major complains on the original SLG - feedneck, trigger, kick - has been taken cared of. The new body comes with a clamping feedneck, which looks pretty much like the one on the PMR. The trigger has been replaced with the ultralite trigger. The bolt now has a silencer, claimed to be able to reduce the kick and noise. No one can confirm this yet, have to wait until the marker is out to know how it works.

P.S. - I hope Proto really redesigned the internals and replace the sear tripper with a true solenoid actuated spool valve. Kind of like combining the PMR with the original SLG, and come out with a marker of it's own... WooHoo!!

Dye Invision 4
From the looks of it, it looks a bit like VForce's Grill. Can't tell for sure though, not until clearer pics of the mask are released. The new i4 comes with patented quick change lens. In my opinion, some people are turned off by the i3 because of the hard change of lens. Now with the quick change system, it should be a big hit. No words yet on the release date.

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