Monday, April 6, 2009

Sneak Peek - Bob Long Marq Victory

Coming into 2009, a lot of paintball companies had released their new line of markers. To Bob Long fans out there, the question is not why there's no new marker coming out, but when...

Rumors have been spreading among the online community about the new Marq Victory. First there's the news 'leak' on paintball websites. And then there's this advertisement about the new Marq in paintball magazines.

Next comes the 'leaked' pictures of the marker's internals.

After all the anticipation, the real picture of the marker is finally here...

The Marq Victory, without ASA

The Marq Victory, with ASA

Comparison of the Marq Victory (red) and the Marq 6 (black)

The reg is sooo.... cute!!

Here are some of the features:
  • Quick pull bolt removal
  • Completely redesigned LPR - no over pressurizing
  • High efficiency
  • Bolt windows cuts
  • Very light - the lightest in the Marq series
  • Tadao board
  • 4-eyes system
  • Closer trigger frame
  • New bearing trigger
  • Built-in on/off ASA
  • Gas through grip frame
Russian Legion will be shooting the Marq Victory in upcoming tournaments. To me, the tiny macroline-less reg and the see-through bolt window resemble the Luxe and DangerousPower's Rev-i. But performance wise, it is still unknown. The marker is claimed to be able to shoot 15 pods from a single 68/4500 tank!! Now this is something that has to be seen to believe!!

Can't wait...


Anonymous said...

Ada jual kat Malaysia ta Bob Long nie??

gasjatt said...

i have no idea when it'll be available in malaysia. call up the pro shops and see...