Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just when you thought everyone is switching to HPA and Co2's days are numbered, JT USA rolled out their new IVT Co2 tanks.

IVT stands for Integrated Valve Technology. What it means is the valve pin is not built into the tank adapter, but on the tank itself. This eliminates the risk of accidentally unscrewing the tank adapter from the tank when taking it off markers. If you don't know what will happen if a filled tank comes off without an adapter, watch the video below.

There's also an indicator system built-in to show how much air left in the tank. You'll never again have to guess how much air left, or end up experiencing the 'machinegun-effect' with a house marker. A magnet is fitted in the tank, which floats on the surface of liquid Co2. The magnet will then show a mark on the indicating scale on the side of the tank... genius!

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