Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Looks - Vanguard Creed

"For The Gunfight"

This marker is one of those high-end markers with all the tech in it. USB-charged battery, USB-upgradeable board, OLED display. But the most over-the-top feature is.... touch screen!?!? OMG...

A quote from the official website:
"All setting adjustable using on board display, computer based interface, and remote touch screen config box..."
Serious bo? Touch screen on the marker? Or touch screen on a separate remote controller? Two of the features i find intriguing are the USB-upgradeable board and the 3 sets of stock barrels. With the choice of having a 16 or 14 inch barrel out of the box is just sweet. The modes and settings are also set without having to take off the grip covers!

The manufacturer also decided to throw in some ridiculous freebies for a paintball marker - an iPod charger, and a bottle opener, swt...

No news yet on where and when we Malaysians can get it. Hopefully it will be soon, and the price will be affordable.

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prochargerthathasanoobback said...

isn't this is my marker?