Sunday, April 5, 2009

5th April

First of all, i would like to advice all drivers out there to switch on their headlights when it's dark!! Yesterday during the heavy downpour, visibility was low and still there were some cars on the road without lights on. And today around 6pm was raining again with low visibility, again, no lights on!! Pleeeeease la, later accident eh si only want to blame others. It's hard to see you coming from behind when want to switch lanes la. And please... switch on the H-E-A-D-L-I-G-H-T-S, not the hazard ligths! FYI, hazard lights are only used when vehicles broke down and are stationary at the road side!! Got study undang-undang de ma? Don't gao gao simply go use la.... Haiyo!

Ok, now back to topic.

More and more people are coming to play at the field!! WooHoo!! Although not as much people as last time b4 i joined, it was still an improvement over the recent drop in players...

Played a few games of 6v6, the most players on each side i've ever After USM Open, don't know why i became a bit 差ki. Is it because i played back today? I like front, running past lanes, sliding into bunkers, bunkering, make the kill and get killed.... being at the back was so a little 不习惯.

And thanks to Eric for the jersey, now i know my size!!

Notes to self:
  • Play your role!! If assigned as a back player, don't rush to the front, leave that to the front players!! Stay back and provide support!!
  • Don't hesitate when making a move. A split second delay is all it takes to get eliminated.