Friday, August 7, 2009

PSP drop ROF for 2010

People had been complaining that the markers nowadays shoot so fast, they make the skills needed to win become obsolete. PSP then dropped the rate of fire (rof) from 15 balls-per-second (bps) to 12.5bps. After some time, the situation remains the same, so they dropped the rof further to 10.5bps. Mixed reactions were received. Some objected the idea, some embraced it, others just couldn't care less.

The 2009 season is halfway over, and instead of seeing more interesting games by players making big moves (which was one of the reason for lowering the rof in the first place - the other one is to make it cheaper for players on paint), people still went to their bunkers and camp. Because of that, and complains that 10.5bps is too slow, PSP is now changing their rules on rof, again!

According to, 2010 will see players shooting 12.5bps.

Haiz, why keep changing!?! When will they realize that changing the bps is not the answer. I say they should instead set the rules to semi uncapped. That way people will not complain about the rof being too slow or too fast. You want to shoot fast? Train those fingers! Shooting fast will not be something they'll take for granted, it will become a real 'skill'.

Another thing is, a lot of players blame their high cost on paint because they play in ramping modes, they have to use that much paint to keep up because the other teams are ramping non-stop like crazy. The poorer team will not be able to outshoot the richer team, ending up those who can buy more paint wins. WTF! I say we should all play SEMI!!

Who's with me?

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Helix said... sir. The PSP made the cap so it could be a level playing field. with everyone shooting at the same speed, now players have to count on be faster and more strategic than the other team. As for your richer-poorer team argument, that just doesn't make sense. If the richer team has faster fingers, then they can just use their guns as bunkers all game. Vice versa, if the poorer team has the faster fingers, they still can't rip it cuz of the lack of paint. If you want semi, still to USPL and dont try to change the structure of leagues just cuz you dont like it. PWNSAUCE.