Friday, August 21, 2009

Somewhere in Penang...

Anyone recognize this place?

Can see Komtar in the background

It's a lorong somewhere along Jalan Magazine, opposite Traders Hotel. Went there with mom yesterday, didn't know that there's such a place in the city. The food there are really cheap. We had a bowl of curry mee (comes with a generous amount of ingredients) for RM2.30 only!

It was a different experience eating there. It was a bit hot, and there were not much tables for customers, and they let you eat on their stalls! We had to watch out for cars coming into the lorong. The lorong was so narrow, the car's side mirror passed by only inches from us. With the bikes parked along the lorong (as in the pic above), the place was even narrower and we had to pause our meal and give way to passing cars. Luckily there weren't a lot of cars passing by.

Georgetown is such an interesting place. If people would take some time to explore the city, they would realized why it was given the Unesco World Heritage Site status. The one thing that might spoil the experience is the heavy modern day traffic - so noisy and polluting. Maybe the government should impose a traffic curfew? Hmm...

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