Monday, June 2, 2008

MPOC Penang Governer's Cup 2008

The Penang Governer's Cup 2008 paintball tournament was held on 31st May at the Penang city stadium. for those who don't know where Penang is, it's an island up north in the peninsular of Malaysia, and for those who don't know where Malaysia is, it's in South East Asia just above Singapore and below Thailand on the world map.

This is the third leg of the MPOC (Malaysian Official Paintball Circuit). Preliminary rounds were held on Saturday but i only went to watch the finals on Sunday. The weather was pretty hot, typical of a country near the equator. The game was ok, can't see very clearly from the grandstand. Maybe sometime in the future i'll be in the field shooting people's ass instead of watching from the sidelines. For now i'm still not financially fit to be involved in the game, can't imagine how much those back players spent, emptying pod after pod after's crazy!!

The next MPOC event will be held in PJ from 9th to 10th August. Too far from home and exam time liao, cannot attend anymore...

(FYI, the guy in white t-shirt on the track in the middle of the pic is my bro!!)

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