Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time to Switch

Been busy these few days. Started working in an Apple retail store. Tell you what, those Apple stuff are plain amazing. A whole new concept from the usual Windows PC - no virus, no reformatting, no cluttered desktop, no frills, no worries... not to mention no more money in wallet after buying a Mac, lol.

I personally like the MacBook Air. It is about as thick as your index finger and weighing at just 1.36kg. Despite the size, it still packs a punch in computing power. With all the cool little features - back-lit keyboard, large TrackPad, sleek aluminium body, the cute little port tray - the MacBook Air simply oozes with style and uniqueness. One thing people would dislike the MacBook Air is perhaps the lack of an optical drive. For me however, it's not a major problem as I don't use optical drives that often...

Another gadget that is really intriguing is the iPod Touch. The touch feature really takes the iPod to a whole new level. Beside the standard features - listening to music, watching movies, viewing photos - you can now surf the web on the go with the built-in wi-fi capability. Emails, chatting, online shopping... all these can now be done whenever and wherever you are!! (provided there are wi-fi networks around). And thanks to the accelerometer, playing games is a whole new experience on the iPod Touch. Just watch the following video to see why...

Visit to find out more, there's just too many great Apples to list down. Have to save my money for paintball, abo sure i go get one liao.

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