Sunday, October 24, 2010

Playing With Reballs: Update

A while ago I wrote about a reball training session here in Penang (click here to read). This is an update to that post.

The place is a footsal arena, complete with benches and toilets.
Food and drinks are also easily accessible as the place is located inside a food court.

There is one condition though, spiked cleats are not allow on the field. Only flat-sole shoes are allowed. 

The address is:
Baru Maung Jalang Baru Foot Court / BB Futsal
No. 351, Jalan Baru,
Baru Maung,
11960 Bayan Lepas,

Approximately 5°17'38.48"N, 100°16'45.59"E on Google Map, right next to SJK(C) Wen Khai.

The field setup is almost done, here are some pictures to get you guys excited. For more details or to join, please contact Ming Wei at 012-4993499.


Anonymous said...

Playing using reballs hurt...even if you lower the marker's velocity. I've tried. Good for shooting drills but not skirmishes. Furthermore, reballs tend to not be efficient with spool valve markers. Works fine with poppet valves. Anyway...good luck & have fun.

gasjatt said...

Thanks for the input. Although i haven't tried reballs before, i also have a feeling that skirmishes will be more fun with real paintballs. But with reballs, we can really build on gun skills while keeping the cost in check.
We can't have the best of both worlds, win some lose some...