Friday, March 12, 2010

50cal Victory

Bob Long with the 50cal version Marq Victory!!

I think he has a point. 50cal would definitely be the paint of choice for those casual players, kids, females, and newbies. If i have a child I definitely wouldn't want him/her to get shot by a 68cal, those things can be really painful.

50cal for recreational, 68cal for tournament.

I think what's important in making this a success is:
  1. Manufacturers must make available cheap and reliable conversion kits. Not just for poppets but also for spoolies.
  2. Availability of 50cal loaders!! The most advanced marker in the world would also be useless without a good loading system.
  3. Support from field operators.
Do you think any fields in Malaysia would be willing to use 50cal anytime soon?

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