Thursday, February 18, 2010

NEH Webisodes

Hello and Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!! It's been a while since the last post, was occupied with all the CNY stuff. I've been eating lots of different kinds of food, now having a sore throat liao.

Before the CNY, I saw this video on YouTube about the New England Hurricanes (NEH). They've disbanded the team and started again from scratch recruiting fresh talents. It is a documentary on the new NEH, presented in a series of webisodes. It must be a blast for the participants, having the pros watch them play and spotting their talent...

It's really good for the team to show the public how a pro team is formed and run. Another eye-opener is the snow and cold weather. I've never seen people playing speedball in the winter, it's so cold you can see their breath!

For now, only the first episode is made. So subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for more!

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