Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm currently doing my internship. The company i work in treats their employees very well, so well that each of us get RM75 every month as food allowance at the canteen! I'm so glad we're given such nice treatment.

The food at the canteen has so many choices, we have the same 10 to 20 dishes every single day of the week! Yupe you read that right, 10 to 20 choices!! The cashiers are also very nice to us, sometimes when his/her mood is good, we'll get cheaper prices. The only downside is that we have to put up with the bad moods as well. This results in us being charged with difference prices everytime. Not a bad thing considering we still get to enjoy the 'good moods'. I really shouldn't be complaining.

That is not all. The best part is, 2 of my colleagues were given extra ingredients for their rice yesterday! Wow, I guess the canteen staffs were really in a 'good mood'. Just look at the pictures below, such delicious and mouth watering ingredients, they really work up your appetite don't they.

Chicken feather....

... and don't-know-what-animal's hair

I really cannot express my gratitude enough, to be given the chance to have my daily meal at this canteen for the next 3 months! OMG.... Thank you!!

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