Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Looks - Dye Rotor

This is getting exciting, with so many new products coming out on World Cup. The latest news is Dye's very own hopper - The Dye Rotor.

The company has always come out with products of unique designs, the same goes to their loader. With a feed rate of 50+ bps, no gun can outrun this baby! From the promotional poster, it says that 15 seconds is all it takes to break down the parts and clean it, tool-less. Now how much more convenient can it be...

With the release of the hopper, i believe Dye is the only brand that carries the whole range of equipments in paintball. From markers to tanks, from masks to harnesses, you name it and Dye has it.

A quick update on the Dye i4 - the promotional poster. Seems like the i4 comes stock with thermal lens, nice...

All images taken from KCHLpaintball.com

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