Monday, October 27, 2008

Iranian Rambo


Got called over to the field cause a group was coming to play. Turns out they were tourists from the middle east, UK, and also locally.

There was one Iranian guy who was kinda like a Middle Eastern version of Rambo. After playing with his mates, he still wants more, so i ended up playing a few games with him. At first it was 2 on 3, shot an inexperienced female newbie on the arm, who afterwards get to my conscience by sitting there with a 'kelian' look with all her mates gathered around to see the 'battle wound' i put on her - a big red welt... Then 'Rambo' got so psyched up and wanted a one-on-one with us... hoho. I thought, "ok, why not..."

Off the break, he kept on charging non-stop!! Kept moving up the field, never stopping at any bunker for more than 4 secs. I wouldn't say he's agile, 'recklessly fast' is more like it... After each game he would go like, "Yeah!! Did you see that!! I went like 'tatatatatatatata'... OMG... Yeah!!..." and throwing high-fives around.

This will probably be the last of paintball until exam's over. Exam is only 3 days away... got to study study study...

P.S. - Never go into the snake on a one-on-one.

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Feiz said...

omg... i thought the exam is soon d... still can play paintball huh? geng... haha...