Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Planet Eclipse's 09 goodies

It's that time of the year again, when paintballers get to ogle at all those wonderful toys set for next year.

Considered an already amazing super gun, the Eclipse Ego has been further improved for the 2009 version. Set to make it's debut in the PSP World Cup in October, it's what every ego-maniac has been waiting for.

The Ego9 is slightly slimmer then previous versions, but the most impressive of all is perhaps the cycle time. The Ego8 has been known to shoot over 40 balls per second. But now with the new, phenomenal solenoid valve installed, the cycle time has been reduced by 8ms!! The new Ego should be able to shoot 50+ balls per second without breaking a sweat. If only there's a hopper that can keep up to it...

Also new for 2009, and the first spool valve gun by Planet Eclipse, the Eclipse Geo. For a gun that has been in the making since way back in 2004, the Geo definitely has a lot to live up to. Probably lighter than all other high-end spool valves, the Geo weight in at a mere 890 grams (1.96 lbs), batteries and barrel attached. A stand-out feature of the gun is the super easy maintenance. With a fast bolt dis-assembly time of approximately 6 seconds, the Geo really is one of a kind. Just slide out the bolt through the back cap, lube the o-rings, and it's done, no tools required. From the manual, it seems that the Geo has 3 o-rings on the bolt, 3 o-rings on the bolt can, and 2 o-rings on the prop shaft. These 8 o-rings are all there is to lube up.

Both guns are priced at US$1250, still cheaper than the new Dye Matrix 9. Time to start saving up some dough...

Check out the Ego9/Geo mini site here.
The Geo user's manual is available here.
The Ego9 user's manual is available here.

Eclipse Ego 9

Eclipse Geo

Eclipse Ego9-Specific Features
• Poppet Valve Design
• Off-Set Lower Bores – Reduces off-axis forces
• Low Pressure operation – 160psi @ 290fps
• Air Efficient – 1700+ shots from 68/45
• Ultra High Performance Solenoid Valve
• Direct Porting System for Solenoid Inlet and Exhaust Pathways
• 2.5 x Larger Air Flow from LPR to Solenoid
Zick Rammer Assembly
• 30% Increase in Valve Chamber Volume
• Cure2 Bolt
• Integrated LPR Assembly

Eclipse Geo-Specific Features
• Spool Valve Design
• Low Reciprocating Mass – Bolt 18g
• Low Pressure operation – 110-135psi
• Air Efficient – 1500+ shots from 68/45
• 1 Moving Internal Part
• Minimum Number of Dynamic Seals - 3
ISCIS (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) Mechanism
VVC – Variable Volume Chamber adjustment
• SC (Spool-Cure) Bolt – helps eliminate 2nd ball clipping in the feed stack.
• 6-Second Strip Down – To remove and separate all internal Bolt components
• Tool-less Bolt removal – all internal bolt components removed without tools
• Very Low Weight – 860g inc. barrel, battery, OOPS etc

Features Shared By Both Guns
BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
• Black-On-White Transflective LCD Module
• Def-Tek Offset Feed
• C-Lever Clamping Feedneck
• Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – Opto and Micro Switches
• Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Spring and Magnetic Return
• Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
• Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
• All Major Tournament Presets
• 9 Preset Debounce Modes
• 5-Point Adjustable Trigger
• T-Rail Mounting System
• OOPS – On/Off/Purge ASA System
• S3 Self-Purging In-Line Regulator
• 14” Shaft3 2-Piece 0.693” Barrel

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