Sunday, October 12, 2008

11th Oct

It's been 3 weeks since i last played, occupied with work and the raya holidays. Glad to be out of paintball hiatus.

This time the field size has been reduced 50%. Half of the previous field is now unoccupied. Since the field layout has been the same for the past month, any change is good. This fresh change is meant to train speed and agility. Off the break, the other team was so near, you can almost see where their eyes were looking through their masks!!

Arrived a little late, so didn't get to walk the field. Right of the first game, ran straight up to the left temple and shot a guy in the middle car wash (kind of a first for me... this was my first time of actually shooting someone in a match! shh...). I may not be the best among them, but i'm surely improving... Ok, enough with the joy, after that i lost every single game. Got shot directly in the mask countless times, until i got paint in my mouth. Paintballs taste terrible!!

Training was really short today. Arrived at 11.30am, finished at about 3pm, never get to do any specific drills.

Notes to self:
  • Improve your aiming!! Luan luan shoot won't get you anywhere (remember remember!!)
  • Always be thinking of the next move, anticipate opponent's move.
  • Don't just run to bunker off the break, look across to see where the other team is going.
  • Again... communicate! Listen and report!

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