Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preorder your Cyborg RX

"Macdev all the way!!"

Macdev Australia has once again showed us their great engineering wizardry with the release of the new Cyborg RX paintball marker.

Hailed as the greatest Cyborg ever made, it comes with all the high-end features that you would expect, plus some extras. It has OLED display - as you would find on the Ego, enclosed bolt - as you would find on the Bob Long poppet valve guns, self-cleaning eyes - as you would find on the DM9. The marker is also light, weighing in at only 960g (2.12 lbs), only slightly heavier than the Ego9 (1.99lbs). With this little weight difference, no one will even notice when playing.

Apparently Macdev is not satisfied with all those great features, they decided to include some innovative extras, such as the USB upgradable board and the easy-to-remove valve. The valve of the Cyborg RX is connected to the rammer. It can be removed without tools from the back of the gun together with the rammer for easy cleaning. The marker also comes with Macdev's new barrel system, the Shift barrel.

I personally like the smooth no-nonsense milling and the covered bolt. Previously i was a little reluctant to use poppet valves, fearing that dirt might easily get into the bolt. With the new Cybrog RX, i'm definitely thinking of getting a poppet valve.

I think what Macdev is doing is great. Unlike other companies that are releasing new 'upgraded' markers every year, claiming that theirs is the greatest marker money can buy, Macdev hasn't release any new marker for the year 2008. Instead, they spent 2 years in R&D to come out with the Cyborg RX, making sure that the 'upgraded' marker really IS upgraded. This is the reason why they don't name it Cyborg 09.

The Cyborg RX will be available for shipping in the last week of November 2008. At that time, the marker will retail for $US1299. However, those who preorder with full payment now online at the official Cyborg RX minisite will be given a special price of $US1250, inclusive of delivery.

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