Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WCA 2009

One of the biggest attraction for me at the World Cup Asia 2009 is probably the trade booth. Even though they're not as big as what they have in the states, they're still Asia's biggest. A lot of big names in paintball were present that day, with the exception of MacDev.

The trade booths

The Planet Eclipse Ego 10

Etek 3


The best part is their tech service. My teammate's PMR was having problems with the electronics since MY-NPL Kuantan in June. He had went to the local paintball store to get his board fixed. After replacing the board the problem still persists. The tech guy at the WCA Dye booth took a look at it, and immediately threw away the board, swapped in a new one, and he's good to go. He wasn't even charged a single cent!! So guys, next time you have any marker problems, just bring to one of their techs at such events, you'll definitely save a lot on repair cost.

The GPS system was taking us in circles around KL...

KL's bikers are so 'dua liap'...

The Mines Shopping Fair. Boat rides are so overpriced.

There was a lot of new gears to see at the booths. I also had the chance to hold Chris Lasoya's personal custom lasered G.I. Milsim Nano. It has almost the same design as his ST Ripper DM9.

Chris Lasoya's marker, the ST Ripper Nano50 selling for US$1000 including loader and tank.

G.I. Milsim Nano

The Impulse 50

The .68 cal Impulse, heavy...

.50 cal is so tiny...

While walking around the Napshot booth, I came across one of the most innovative new products at the event. Ben Frederick from Hater Paintball was there promoting their new Vici electronic boards for DMs, Egos and the Prophecy loader. It has all the high-end features one can possibly think of - RF, sound activation, break-beam eyes, force selection, speed selection, bla bla bla. The loader board is super user-friendly and easily adjustable with the clever use of LEDs. The boards also comes compatible with USB, which means all settings can be adjusted on a computer. Better yet, Ben said that they're coming up with a software for the iPhone, which will allow us to configure the board settings on the iPhone via USB! Paintball technology is changing fast...

Demonstrating the Vici board.

Peyton's thank you banner.

The official hotel was also great. The queen size bed was the biggest bed I've slept in during a paintball tournament. They have a balcony in every room, perfect for hanging out our gears to dry, even though it's probably against the hotel's policy. On the second night however, we managed to sneak into our room the porter's trolley and hang our wet gears indoors on the trolley... lol

Captain's meeting

The table has horse legs!!

Stolen trolley... lol

The games on the PSP size field was faster than MY-NPL games, which uses NPPL fields. Getting into the snake alive off the break needed a bit more effort as the field was smaller. It was a great experience nonetheless, some of the games we played were really fun and exciting.

After the prelim games on the second day, team Cryptic from South Africa were kind enough to let us shoot their Dye NT. The marker was amazing. It is everything a high-end marker should be. The shot was ridiculously quite and super smooth. You think the Droid is quite? Wait till you hear the NT. The trigger and UL frame felt really comfortable.

The Dye NT, one amazing gun.

Your drawings are so confusing...

Another great thing about the WCA is we get to rub shoulders with famous people from paintball. Some familiar names present at WCA were Chris Lasoya and Mikko Huttenen. The commissioner of the NPPL, Chuck Hendsch, and Devon Stutz of Dye Precision were also at the event.

Chris Lasoya!!

...and Mikko Huttenen!!

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