Sunday, March 8, 2009

8th March

Boom!! Suddenly there were so many customers today. Initially i was just going to play in the afternoon nia, but ended up working because there were so many people, so many until our supply of paint ran out...

In the morning alone, there were a group of 40 people from Intima, apparently they were having some camp. And then in the afternoon, Edmond brought his friends, a group of about 8 people. While they were playing, another group of 9 came. This time a boy was having his birthday party, a paintball party!! Walau eh, kids nowadays so rich nia... Then a group of 9 walkons came at around 5pm. We only get to go back at 8 something pm...

This week suddenly so good business. Yesterday about 30 people came, today about 60 people came. If this continues on, sure ho gia liao..... :)

Snakeman jaga field all day and was super exhausted, cannot tahan anymore so didn't join us for training. We only played 3 games. Suddenly so aggressive ki. 1st game was 3on3, i killed 3. 2nd game was 2on3, i killed 0. 3rd game was 3on3 again, i killed 2. Not bad hor, killed 5 in total and only mati once... Ollie Lang in the making!!! Hohohoho..... But really, i played hero and went solo most of the time, and this is not good in paintball, must have teamwork. "It's not about ME, but US", need to remember this...

To sum up today:
  • most customers in a day
  • most people working at the field at one time
  • the latest i went home from the field (8 something at night)
  • least number of games ever played during training
  • first ever outing with PB on a Sunday :)
  • first time eating Shillin :)

Notes to self:
  • Work in a team!!
  • Lower marker when snap-shooting. Realized i got shot so many times in the hopper was because i was holding the marker too high all this while...

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